Sooo… it’s been a while, yes?

I just updated my website and now I think I ought to update the blog portion as well. Put in a sticky post or something. Direct you to my freshly revamped “about me” page, featuring a list of my personality types and other thoroughly riveting content I know you’re dying to read.

It’s possible I may start updating this blog more regularly. Possible, but don’t hold your breath.

The photo at the top is the sun setting over the back ridge of my property which I love much. I had a picture of myself there originally but then the whole top of my website was full of pictures of me which made me feel like Gilderoy Lockhart and that is not a good way to feel. So now it’s a sunset and that is a better way to feel.

Read the new About Me page. If you want to. I apparently used up all of my creativity and thinking stuffs on it and now I’m out so …

Enjoy this photo of me looking pensive.

me4 300x187 Sooo... its been a while, yes?

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