Heather Today, May 29, 2012

Main announcement: We got a dog. Well, we don’t have the dog yet. But we decided to get a dog. Which is crazy, if you think  about it. We don’t even like dogs. They poop. And not even in the potty. They also bark. And they lick things. You know. Dogs.

photo 4 225x300 Heather Today, May 29, 2012
Would you say no to this face?

Don’t lie. You’d have taken him in too if he needed you. Long story, really, but this guy’s been through the mill. Abuse, abandonment, you name it. And as a bully-breed-mix and black to boot, he wouldn’t stand a chance in the adoption ring.

K and anyway. He’s an awesome dog. Took him to the vet today and everyone raved about how sweet he is. We get him for keeps this weekend. He’s staying with a friend right now, where he’s been since his rescue, until we have time to acclimate him properly to our home.

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4 thoughts on “Heather Today, May 29, 2012”

  1. Yeah! Another dog owner. This is my first as well. He’s been fantastic, though not yet potty trained. Argh! He’s passed out on the couch right now. I had no idea they slept so much. Great! The kids just gush and ooze all over him. I bring him to school often and the kids all go crazy over him. I think it is really good for him. I want him to be a nice doggy that likes everyone. Especially, kids. Labs are such great, great dogs and you guys are great, too. You will make a wonderful pair together. Your family and the doggy. So, what’s his name?

    1. Yeah. I’m the one who tried to convince you not to get a dog, right? Here I am. lol. Anyway–he is at least potty trained already, a HUGE advantage of starting with an adult. 🙂 Our pup’s name is Gunner. The family that rescued him out of his former situation renamed him. He used to be named for one of the drugs his owner was addicted to. :/

      Thanks for the comment. We’re looking forward to bringing him home.

  2. Lab mixes are great. Mine was fantastic and I wish he was still with us (he passed in 2006) but we did rescue another dog (toy poodle) who’s owner died. Tip for taking future photos of a black dog. They take great outside shots where the light is best. Congrats Heather and family. Looks like you got a great one.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! We’re going to enjoy having him, I’m sure. And next time I’ll snap the photo outdoors!

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