Heather Today, June 5 2012

Gunner Update:

Best. Dog. Ever. He spent a fair portion of the day lying across Monty’s lap watching television. Then he came to Petsmart with me, where he promptly impressed everybody by getting so excited he couldn’t control himself so that I had to leave and come back later. The poor pup has probably never been in a Petsmart in his life, nor seen so many other dogs at once.

But then when I did come back, with Monty to help, Gunner amazed everyone by behaving as though he’d been coming to Petsmart all his life and, oh hi, look, there are other dogs here isn’t that interesting? He got carried away a bit a couple more times, but altogether did extremely well.

We also figured out how much fun it is to walk around the lake together off-leash (the lake is fenced, and rarely frequented by anyone else). I’m training him to recall on command, and he’s doing very well with sit and stay and come as well.

He and the cat are still not happy with each other. Inara is living in our bedroom now, and really hates being taken out to see the dog. He gets excited and scares her and … it’s just not a happy relationship right now. Hopefully it will get better.

Me Update:

Guess what? I looked really great today. I know that comes as a surprise. But everyone said so. My secret? My friend Mary Beth. She’s a custom clothier with this really cool service for professional women. Among other things, she came to my house and went through my wardrobe with me. She’s having most of my clothes tailored to fit better. She helped me clear out some things that just weren’t working for me, cataloged what I have, showed me new ways of combining and dressing up my things, and altogether made a whole new wardrobe out of what I already have–one that actually reflects who I am and the professional message I want to send. Amazing. Then she told me what to wear this week and said that I would immediately start getting compliments on my appearance. And boy did I ever. From the moment I walked into the office this morning to the end of the day with a visitor in our house, I got comment after comment. And it was all clothes I already have! Amazing. Check her out.

Elsewhere around the Web:

The Faerie Palace on Curiosity Cat Within a ten minute walk of our house, we have access to woodland streams, giant boulders, a frog pond, and many other wonders. Our favorite is the Faerie Palace. Come see it.

Lev Grossman announced the winner of the Great Magician Song Cover Version Contest. It wasn’t us. We didn’t even get an honorable mention, but that’s okay because there were so many great entries. I haven’t told the kids yet–I kinda forgot this evening. They’ll be disappointed. Then they’ll remember that we had a blast doing it and they’ll be glad we did.

2 thoughts on “Heather Today, June 5 2012”

  1. I can’t wait to take Bichon to a pet store. He’s gonna love it. He is such a people person. It is a good thing he is so darn cute. He HAS to say hello to everyone we come across. Of course not everyone wants to say hi to him, but most just cannot resist.

    That is amazing about your wardrobe. What a fantastic thing to do for someone? Give them the tools to make them feel beautiful and confident. Who doesn’t need that?! Awesome!

    1. Gunner’s the same way–I always worry people are going to be nervous about petting him because he looks kind of intimidating if you don’t know doggy body language (his always says, “I’m so happy to see you! I just met you and I love you!” but not everyone knows that). It would be simpler if he were teeny and adorable. Instead he’s big and fearsome looking and adorable, lol.

      And yeah, I needed someone to tell me what to wear. Mary Beth helped me pull it all together. She doesn’t market the women’s service heavily right now (men are much simpler creatures, even for marketers, lol), but soon I hope!

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