Come See Me at BMA Carolinas Workshop!

I’m excited to be presenting content marketing hacks for faster, better content creation at the Nov 20 Connect2Education workshop with BMA Carolinas. Here’s my speaker page with more details:

The day-long event promises to be hugely valuable. I’ll be on for 45 minutes, with a 20-minute presentation followed by 25 minutes of workshop-style interaction. Should be tons of fun!

Also presenting are three other top notch marketers: Jen Stretch, Peggy Brookhouse, and Ira Bass.

One day I will get really good at updating this blog regularly with these kinds of things. Since I’m not, you may not have seen that I presented as part of a panel at the Montcross Entrepreneur’s Summit a couple weeks ago, and was featured on the amazing Phoebe Chongchua’s brand journalism podcast that same week. You can listen to that podcast here:

Best practices says every blog entry must have a picture. Here you go. Phoebe Chongchua is one of my heroes. I got to be on her podcast. I might have already said that. Check her out.

podcast channel artwork 300x300 Come See Me at BMA Carolinas Workshop!

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