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Sooo… it’s been a while, yes?

I just updated my website and now I think I ought to update the blog portion as well. Put in a sticky post or something. Direct you to my freshly revamped “about me” page, featuring a list of my personality types and other thoroughly riveting content I know you’re dying to read.

It’s possible I may start updating this blog more regularly. Possible, but don’t hold your breath.

The photo at the top is the sun setting over the back ridge of my property which I love much. I had a picture of myself there originally but then the whole top of my website was full of pictures of me which made me feel like Gilderoy Lockhart and that is not a good way to feel. So now it’s a sunset and that is a better way to feel.

Read the new About Me page. If you want to. I apparently used up all of my creativity and thinking stuffs on it and now I’m out so …

Enjoy this photo of me looking pensive.

me4 300x187 Sooo... its been a while, yes?

Changes Afoot! Excuse the Mess, Please… (Updated)

Warning: I’m playing with new WordPress theme tools. This means may get really, really messy before it gets better again. If it gets better.

Anyway, sorry for the mess. I’ll try to have things up and running and back to normal (or better) by bedtime…

UPDATE: I’m done. Looks like I’m sticking with this theme. I like it. I did find some cool new themes to play with on my other sites though. Stay tuned for announcements!


Hi. I’m Heather Head, Content Officer, Free Range Mom, Novelist, Kinda-Crappy-but-Very-Happy Wife.

To the right, you’ll find a list of blogs, publications, and other sites where you can find my work. Below, you’ll find occasional updates, essays, short stories, and whatever else I happen to be working on and feel like sharing here. You’ll learn that in addition to noveling, businessing, and parenting (one of those three is a real word), I also tend livestockmake (ahem) music videos, and put out fires lit by my youngest son.

This breadth of activities makes it difficult for background checkers, stalkers, and my mom to keep track of everything, which is why I brought it all together here. You’re welcome. Unless you’re a stalker, because that’s not cool.

(Fact check: My mom doesn’t even try to keep up with everything. Not because she doesn’t care but because she has a full life of her own and trusts me to take good care of my own. Or maybe because it’s just a little scary seeing into *quite so much* of your daughter’s inner life. Either way, I only mentioned her because it made it funny. To me. And probably to her, too, because she has a pretty great sense of humor and is maybe just a teensy bit biased toward enjoying mine. I love you, Mom.)

This isn’t really a blog

I already maintain a dozen or more blogs, between the two I write for myself, one I write for my company, one I maintain for my late Uncle Pierce, and a bunch more I produce for clients. So I am not starting a new one here.

Mostly, this is here so I can fill up my tag cloud because I think tag clouds are cool.

I’ll also post here whenever I post elsewhere (except for clients–confidentiality agreements and all), so if you want to keep up with me all in one place, this is it. Subscribe on the right. I think. I’ll check my widgets.