Big Doggie Noses

Gunner is settling in nicely. Biggest problem so far is that he won’t leave me alone long enough to take his picture.

Nosy Gunner 300x225 Big Doggie Noses
Nosy Gunner

Well, that and the fact that he has been abandoned just a few times too many… and so when Carey left this morning he decided to go with him… by following his car… on foot… at full speed… clear to the highway where he ran into traffic. I could hear the honking, even though I was so far behind I couldn’t see him. Please don’t yell at me about this. It was a temporary oversight. I had to call Carey to come back. As soon as Gunner saw his car return, he calmed down and came running up to us.

Poor guy. He doesn’t know yet that he won’t be abandoned again. He also cries when I leave the room.

I haven’t told his whole story online because I don’t want it getting back to the wrong people. But he’s had it tough. And yet he’s the sweetest, calmest guy ever. And he adores the kids. The only way I can get a decent picture is to get them to distract him.

Everett Gunner1 300x225 Big Doggie Noses
Hi! I'm Everett! I'm Gunner! I just met you and I LOVE YOU!

Everett and Gunner are exactly alike. Neither has ever met anyone who wasn’t their best friend. They already love each other immeasurably.

Gunner is also the smartest dog I’ve ever worked with. His foster mom trained him in basic commands–sit, come, down, off. Since he’s been here, we’ve added “heel” and “stay” and “shake” and he already gets what we want from him and is happy to comply. Such a great guy.

He also follows me around the house all day.

The only one not happy about the new arrangement is the cat. I hope she’ll get over it.


4 thoughts on “Big Doggie Noses”

  1. I hear ya about the cat. Our cat is such a trip. He is growing more tolerant of Bichon. Bichon just loves the cat. I did catch Puka trying to get a nice head butt from the pup the other day. BUSTED! It’s taking time, but he will come around.

    The boys are an entirely different story. We are ever so concerned that the pup is going to get hurt or even killed. We can never leave the pup alone with the children, which has proven to be very difficult. He’s just so darned cute, people can’t keep their hands off of him. I understand this, full heartedly. JJ is terrible abusive and at the same absolutely smitten with the dog. It must be so confusing for Bichon.

    I wish you luck with your big boy and hope you have a good fence!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Sorry to hear you’re worried about your pup. That must be so hard. Glad to hear the kitty & the pup seem to be getting along a bit better. My cat has stopped walking around the bedroom with her tail puffed up and actually considered coming out into the main part of the house today. I think she’ll come around. I’d love if they got to be friends.

    Alas, we don’t have a fence at all. My legs are going to be SO strong from all the exercise I’m getting trying to give Gunner his exercise. I took him down the community lake early this morning and gave him some off-leash time (it’s fenced, and deserted in the early morning hours) and he enjoyed the heck out of that. Easier for me, too!

  3. so glad he’s settling in. I miss having a big ol’ dog around the house. (sigh)

  4. Aww. Ya know, the animal control shelter is right up by us… can’t beat $85 to cover all initial vet bills, rabies vacc, and etc… Lots of big ol’ dogs needing to be rescued. 🙂

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