Wandering in Salem

It’s been more than a year since I’ve posted and I’m only posting now because I have actual work to do and this lets me pretend I’m doing something practical and is therefore an ideal form of procrastination.

I’m in Boston for an Inbound marketing conference. I had today off, though. I went to Salem and toured the House of the Seven Gables and walked by the water and watched a school of fish swim under the shimmering surface over the shifting cobbles below and met Nathaniel Hawthorne’s grandfather (his tombstone, anyway).

IMG 20140914 103822431 300x168 Wandering in SalemIt’s unlikely that any of this has to do with slavery or the Underground Railroad and yet there was a book on the topic in the visitor’s center and of course I bought it because it was $8 and had pictures in it that I had never seen, like a brown paper silhouette portrait of a slave girl named Flora, and then I absolutely decided that my next book–after I finish the trilogy of which I’ve written only the first book–will be an historical novel (still YA) set against the backdrop of 1840s-50s slavery and abolitionism etc.

And so I pounded out some preparatory stuff on that–character sketches, plot highlights, etc. Statistically speaking, odds are the material will now molder for several years at minimum and never grow much beyond a few pages of notes, but you never know. One always begins in hope.

Had a lengthy and invigorating discussion of Platonic views of death among Salem Puritans of the 16th and 17th centuries with a rather significantly underemployed tour guide at the Hawthorne birthplace. Also discussed classism, modern and historical, textiles, art, and the love lives of famous creatives. Oh, and home birth, gender issues as regards non-gendered and trans-gendered individuals, and the legal and social structures of power retention. Why limit yourself to one topic?

Now I’m sitting in the dark updating my blog when I’ve got actual work to finish before tomorrow afternoon.

I blogged! Now for those client deliverables…

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