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Except this cat. This cat has it ALL together.

The Truth Behind the Truth

You’re not doing it wrong.

Life is hard sometimes. It just is. The people who look like they’ve got it all together–it’s an illusion. They may have some things together. They may even have more things together than you have together. But they don’t have it ALL together.

I always thought of my grandparents as the epitome of *having it together.* Their house was always tidy and clean, their bills were always paid, and their smiles were always ready.

When I went out to stay with them periodically over the past couple years, I discovered the truth behind the truth. Their wheelchair accessible van required that the battery be charged prior to every use, and it would drain out again in a matter of hours, so they had to carry a charger with them everywhere. Their microwave was vintage 1960-something and needed babying to work. And like everyone else I know, they spent ungodly amounts of time on the phone sorting out mistakes made by various vendors and service providers.

The reason I never saw this until I went and lived with them and took care of them for a while is that they never focused on it. They were so grateful for even the smallest of blessings. And when life was hard, they knew it was just because life is hard sometimes. Not because they were doing it wrong.

You’re not doing it wrong. You’re just maybe looking at it from the wrong angle. Life is hard and life is beautiful and you’re doing it just exactly the way it’s supposed to be done.

Unless you’re killing kittens. If you’re killing kittens you have to stop that crap.

Otherwise: Carry on. You’re good.

Louis Chanel taking a nap The Truth Behind the Truth
Photo courtesy Stephan Brunet, via Wikimedia Commons