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Heather Today, May 29, 2012

Main announcement: We got a dog. Well, we don’t have the dog yet. But we decided to get a dog. Which is crazy, if you think ¬†about it. We don’t even like dogs. They poop. And not even in the potty. They also bark. And they lick things. You know. Dogs.

photo 4 225x300 Heather Today, May 29, 2012
Would you say no to this face?

Don’t lie. You’d have taken him in too if he needed you. Long story, really, but this guy’s been through the mill. Abuse, abandonment, you name it. And as a bully-breed-mix and black to boot, he wouldn’t stand a chance in the adoption ring.

K and anyway. He’s an awesome dog. Took him to the vet today and everyone raved about how sweet he is. We get him for keeps this weekend. He’s staying with a friend right now, where he’s been since his rescue, until we have time to acclimate him properly to our home.

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