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Heather Today, May 29, 2012

Main announcement: We got a dog. Well, we don’t have the dog yet. But we decided to get a dog. Which is crazy, if you think ¬†about it. We don’t even like dogs. They poop. And not even in the potty. They also bark. And they lick things. You know. Dogs.

photo 4 225x300 Heather Today, May 29, 2012
Would you say no to this face?

Don’t lie. You’d have taken him in too if he needed you. Long story, really, but this guy’s been through the mill. Abuse, abandonment, you name it. And as a bully-breed-mix and black to boot, he wouldn’t stand a chance in the adoption ring.

K and anyway. He’s an awesome dog. Took him to the vet today and everyone raved about how sweet he is. We get him for keeps this weekend. He’s staying with a friend right now, where he’s been since his rescue, until we have time to acclimate him properly to our home.

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Heather’s Daily Digest for May 27, 2012

I stay busy online. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to today.
  • The Technical Genius.MPG
    Go behind the scenes of Minecraftia: Whitespire Edition and meet the technical talent that made it all possible. Stars sexy hot geek guy (yes, I’m totally sleeping with him. Wanna make something of it?) and also gratuitous footage of our glamorous laundry room. Don’t miss it.
  • Heather on Minecraft Technicalities and Stuff.MPG
    Part Three in the Making of Minecraftia Whitespire (or whatever it is we’re calling it): Whew. We’re in hour 17,642 (I’m pretty sure that’s an accurate count) of the project. It would probably go faster if I didn’t suck at technology. And if I weren’t always shouting at people for my own mistakes. Here’s me talking about my crucial importance to this project, and demonstrating my superb technical abilities.You can view Part One here: http://youtu.be/NCDHMyaEJis
    And Part Two here: http://youtu.be/203_c6hlMEw
  • Zombies in the Hedge Maze.MPG
    Part Two in the “Making of Minecraftia: Magician King Music Video” series, “Zombies in the Hedge Maze” shows what happens when you spawn monsters inside, well, in the hedge maze. Also, some warm and fuzzy moments about the joys of working together as a family.Part One is available here: http://youtu.be/NCDHMyaEJis
  • Young boys talk about dung beetles.MPG
  • Rolling in The Dung.MOV

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