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I’m Grateful For: Kids Who Think We’re Way Cooler Than We Really Are

Image Atlanta may 08 033.2 300x173 Im Grateful For: Kids Who Think Were Way Cooler Than We Really Are

The setting: It’s the night before Thanksgiving, after dark. We’re traveling down I-85, right through downtown Atlanta.

Everett, Age 4: Whoa! Look at that tower! It’s a tower of LIGHT!

Carey: Cool, huh? It sure is pretty.

Everett, in awe: Yeah!

After a moment’s thought: Doo, is that the tower you and John built?

Carey: (Pause.) Uh, no, we didn’t build that.

Everett, gazing around: Well, which one DID you build?

Carey: Uhhh… None of them.

Everett: Where is the tower you built?

Carey: Everett, I hate to break it to you, but John and I have never built a tower together.

Everett: Well, which one did you build alone?

Carey, truly befuddled now: I’ve never built a tower at all.

Everett: Yes you did! With your hands. Which one did you build all by yourself by hand?

Carey: Seriously, really really, I have never ever ever built a tower by myself by hand or otherwise.

Everett: YES YOU DID. You were looking at pictures of it. You and John. Up at the cabin.

Carey: Ummmmm…. Do you mean… the … deer tower?

Everett: YES. The deer tower. Which one is it?

The most amazing thing about this conversation: Everett’s admiration for his dad is completely uncompromised by the truthful explanation of exactly what a deer tower really is.

DeerStand 254x300 Im Grateful For: Kids Who Think Were Way Cooler Than We Really Are

Happy Thanksgiving, and may your children always think you’re as awesome as 4-year-old Everett finds his dad.