Do You Know Your Why?

I think about mine always. It’s the core question of my entire being. It’s led to many an existential pit of despair… and also many beautiful epiphanies. Lately, I’ve devoted chunks of every week to analyzing the why both for myself and my company. Here are the results of today’s Friday Why Jam. I think […]

Heathers Why

Sports in the Afternoon

Yesterday I drove 40 minutes to watch Monty play Lacrosse in Mooresville. I sat next to a loud-mouth who wouldn’t stop bad-mouthing our team and our coach the whole time, a prime example of one reason I don’t like sports: They seem to attract this type. Also, they’re boring. Mind-numbing. Monty played about ten minutes […]

Grandma Leaves Me Coins (Part Two) 3

I’ve been convinced for some time now that my grandma leaves me coins to let me know she loves me and is still with me. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but I have my theories, as you can read in the original “Grandma Leaves Me Coins” essay. She leaves them strategically, exactly at […]

Eli in Hats

The Peculiar Birth of a Strange Child

You know those birth stories where the mom’s in labor for, like, 40 hours, and it’s miserable and hard and she cries a lot and everyone worries about the baby and then, finally, at the end the baby FINALLY comes out, with a lot of help, and everyone’s exhausted but proud because they got through […]

Organized Chaos

My grandparent’s house is a study in organized chaos. Grandma and Grandpa saved everything, significant and insignificant, and we are left to sort it all–a task simultaneously both beautiful and grueling. The living room is piled with mementos, the bedroom is stacked with clothes. The kitchen is mostly intact except for the box where we […]



Best of Everett (Age X)

Seven years ago today, right about now (10pm), Everett came into this world pink and pudgy and not at all breathing. For thirty seconds, he took no breath and made no sound. If I had known then what I know now, I would have enjoyed those thirty seconds more. It was the last moment of […]

Ten Interesting Things: Monty’s Birthday Edition

In celebration of my son’s 14th birthday today, ten interesting things about his birth, his childhood, and himself. Ten Interesting Things About Monty’s Birth 1. I went into labor while teaching at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. I finished the class and drove home. My contractions on the drive home were 5 minutes apart. 2. I was […]



On Regret

What do you think of when you think of regret? Me, I think of a tall, spindly man with unwashed hair ducking his head meekly under the assault of another man’s verbal attack. I think of a little girl in footie pajamas padding sleepily into a bar bathroom. The man came in after closing, while I was […]