Not sure I did the right thing…

img 0238 Not sure I did the right thing...
Monty and Goats

Splitting my personality into three distinct blogs may not have been the best choice. It’s too confusing. Should I post this here? Or there? Where does it belong?

Anyway. Had an interesting day. Mostly work and taking Eli to the doctor and starting him on new diet & supplements for his tummy troubles and anxiety…

And then that little thing about Animal Control coming by to investigate negligence complaints.

It turned out okay. He was really, really super nice, and seemed apologetic about having to investigate at all. And of course he found no evidence of negligence and just some minor code compliance concerns (there are WHAT kind of animals in the backyard?). But it did spur a final decision on something I’ve been hemming and hawing over for months.

But because I split myself into several different blog locations, you’re going to have to click through to find out the rest of the story.

It has a sad ending. But it’s kinda funny in the middle.

(And in other news we had a great time in Alabama a really terrifically wonderful relaxing and fun time and Gunner had fun with our friends while we were gone and it’s almost midnight so I’m closing this post now.)

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