I Slept All Weekend And Here’s Why

Got back from Boston Friday. Conference was amazing–energizing and inspiring. Made some decisions about the future of my company:

  1. We’ll now market exclusively to Inbound agencies.
  2. I’ll be building toward a content software platform model that will help marketers–and the companies they serve–generate large quantities of custom content much more quickly and effectively by utilizing internal SMEs.

Then I came home and slept most of the weekend. Introvert requires recharging. Now I’m ready for Monday and all that that implies.

Short-term things on my plate:

  • Finish revising my novel
  • Meet sales goals for September
  • Nurture relationships started at Inbound conference
  • Continue creating content for Scopcity
  • Manage projects

Mid-term things on my plate:

  • Hone marketing & sales to match new Inbound-only model
  • Structure organization for scale
  • Make decisions regarding new business opportunities
  • Write Taming the Beast (The Inbound Marketer’s Ultimate Playbook Faster, Better Content) book

Long-term things on my plate:

  • Strategize & execute on content wizard software concept
  • Create strategic partnerships to support content wizard platform

I’ve got a session with my coach, thank goodness, tomorrow afternoon. So we’ll be sorting through all this and creating an actionable plan.

I also have a few things coming up that may be of interest to my followers (hi Mom, that’s you).

  • Serving on a marketing panel for the Montcross Chamber Entrepreneur Summit 2014 on October 10.
  • Serving on a content marketing panel for the Business Marketing Association Charlotte Chapter on November 20, link not yet available.
  • Serving as a “content marketing expert” guest on the Brand Journalism Advantage podcast with Phoebe Chong Chua… some time soon (release date tba).

So that’s that. The kids are good too. I have that parenting thing going on, but I’m not doing a particularly spectacular job of it. I haven’t yelled at them lately, so that’s good. And by lately I mean in the past half hour or so.

The kids are spectacular, actually, come to think of it. They kept the house clean and the dog walked the whole time I was gone. Mostly because Carey bribed them with unlimited computer time, but still. Maybe they’ll turn out all right.

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