I founded the marketing content agency Scopcity in 2013. Scopcity creates remarkable copywriting, video, and branding content for our clients. We do everything from explainer videos and brand names to case studies and blogging.

I work with a small, highly talented team of writers and creators to deliver on our brand promise of remarkable quality.

I have on occasion considered getting a job (salary and benefits–very appealing), but fundamentally I have a problem with authority, so here I am.

Besides, if I’m going to work 60 hour weeks (and I do, sometimes more), I want those 60 hours going to something I believe in.

Entrepreneurship is also the thing I do that occasionally pays the bills. It’s much better at paying other people’s bills than it is at paying my own, but on the plus side, I hire Carey to do some of the work and that ends up paying our bills (mostly) so it doesn’t really matter that I myself earn about $3/hour.

Someday my pay rate will be somewhat higher. That’s the idea, anyway.