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An Open Letter To The Girl Who Is Trying To Impress My Son

It seems like just about everybody has advice for girls these days. What to wear, how to talk, whether to drink. As the mother of sons, I have a few things to say too, especially to girls who want to date my boys.* Here’s my dish. Dear Girl, I see you with your puckered lips and your barely-covered butt and […]

Photo Credit: Candalynne Wilson, via WikiMedia Commons.

The Truth Behind the Truth

You’re not doing it wrong. Life is hard sometimes. It just is. The people who look like they’ve got it all together–it’s an illusion. They may have some things together. They may even have more things together than you have together. But they don’t have it ALL together. I always thought of my grandparents as […]

Except this cat. This cat has it ALL together.

Hey, Mom, You Need to Read This

When I was a young mom of young children, I would sometimes confide to acquaintances that I was actually looking forward to the teenage years. They almost inevitably laughed at me. They said, “Oh, yeah, wait until he…” followed by some horror story of smart-alec, obnoxious, or even dangerous teen behavior. I would smile and […]