Updates and a Picture of Gunner

POW Diaries has had a few posts since I wrote. Check it out. Earlier this week, 70 years ago, some prisoners were captured trying to escape. Uncle Pierce’s memoir recalls what happened to those prisoners.

Curiosity Cat has some video of chicks dust bathing. It’s cute.

On the home front, Gunner has been neutered. Yay. He’s also making progress with the whole leaving the cat alone thing, and she’s been making progress with the whole don’t kill the dog if you can help it thing. Except tonight she took a swipe at him and he got all riled up. Two steps forward, one step back.

Gunner with scarf resized 225x300 Updates and a Picture of Gunner
They stole my junk and all I got was this silly blue scarf

The vet sent him home with a cute blue scarf. I’m thinking of buying more scarves for him. They’re cute.

At work, I’ve been working my buns off and met *most* of my goals for the week. Just one big project to finish up over the weekend. Boo.

My friend Mark Weber, of Darton Group, came by last week and helped me really define what it is that I’m doing at Groove On. Sometimes you’re too close to a situation to see it clearly. That’s been true for me. So he came over and had coffee and saw it for me, and it’s all going to be coming out soon. Stay tuned. And thank you, Mark.

I’ve been looking pretty fabulous all week again. My clothes came back with changes & tailored touches from Manchin Inc., and it’s like a whole new wardrobe. We shortened some skirts, updated some things, tucked in other things, and–this is awesome–put snaps in all the bust portions of my button-down shirts so my boobs don’t pop out in the middle of business meetings. This is preferable. Also, initially I typed “books” which is completely wrong because books are ALWAYS welcome to put in a showing. Books are awesome. I mean, so are boobs, but books don’t ruin anyone’s professional image when they appear suddenly in the middle of business meetings.

And that’s it. I’m going to finish on the note of how amazing I’ve been looking. Not vain at all. Nope.

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